June 24, 2020

The Edgetech spacer system seen from the door

Integrated into the most prestigious architectural projects, Edgetech Super Spacer® owes its success to its flexibility and functionality. It offers unlimited inspiration for architects but is also a major asset for automated glazing lines. Facades and windows are the main beneficiaries when the Super Spacer® system perfectly matches their shapes. Glass doors like Euradif’s aluminum entrance doors “Passage” and decorative panels also benefit from these advantages; an aspect specifically and jointly mentioned by Fabrice Keller, recently appointed Edgetech Area Manager for the French market and the Balkan countries, and Jean-Gabriel Creton, Managing Director of Euradif.

Fabrice Keller, Area Manager at Edgetech

Jean-Gabriel Creton, Managing Director of Euradif

For Fabrice Keller, "the time for agility has arrived and with it, that of Super Spacer. While being discrete, these systems deserve nonetheless to be displayed in broad daylight for their unique level of efficiency. On the adventurous terrain of increasingly complex constructions with a unique character, Super Spacer form a direct and reliable link between freedom of expression and energy and environmental issues”. A spacer that asserts its flexibility and participates in the renewal and inventiveness of curtain walls ... right up to the entrance doors of such a demanding residential market. A major national player in this field, Euradif has not hesitated to make 360° turns to meet the expectations of its clientele of manufacturers and assemblers, and to move from the production of door trim panels to a complete and diversified range of aluminum doors and door monoblocs for third parties, transoms, sliding panels, frames etc. With an ultramodern machine park in which the company has already invested several million Euros, and with its latest 4.2 million Euro investment for a brand new coating line, Euradif integrates its skills at the highest level of technology, supporting the productivity and quality of its services. "As soon as we decided to produce our decorative panels ourselves, we had to find a partner offering a wide range of possibilities of flexible spacer thicknesses, in order to respond to the multiple forms that our insulating glass units can take", recalls Jean-Gabriel Creton. "It is therefore logical that we have established a long-term relationship with Edgetech, to ensure the highest possible level of production flow."

The spacer that meets all requirements

Given center stage, the door expresses a lot: openness, protection, personality of the habitation. A field giving free rein to imagination and design, without compromising on thermal and safety performance. “Doors are progressing in thickness along with their energy capacity,” notes Fabrice Keller; “Becoming wider, the spacers have to keep their aestheticism as well as their malleability. Edgetech Super Spacer® systems retain their flexibility at the edge seal of the glazing, reducing mechanical stress; they also display a heat resistance much higher than usual standards.” For Euradif, which currently assembles 100% insulating double or triple glass units, with the flexible Super Spacer®, “whether for our decorative panels or our monobloc aluminum entrance doors, our choice of Edgetech Super Spacer® warm edge was quickly made. Simple to implement, it responds to all possible applications, adapts aesthetically for satisfied end customers and needs almost zero after-sales service in terms of non-compliance of the glazing; an essential asset for us.” In short, THE solution for the manufacturer!

Success across the board ...

In the workshops, Euradif's glazing lines rely on an automated process and an optimization of productivity. The desiccant is integrated directly into the spacer at Heinsberg plant, location of Edgetech European headquarter, thus eliminating one critical and decisive step for the industrialization of door glazing. “The automated application and the perfect parallelism of the Super Spacer® reduce the seven steps frequently performed manually - filling the desiccant, applying the polyisobutylene to the spacer, etc. .... - in three particularly simple phases and genuinely facilitates implementation”, points out Fabrice Keller. "The production flow is preserved and no longer alienated from this handling and this delicate phase of the glazing. Here it is fully integrated into the automation". The significantly reduced complexity of the transaction offers Euradif a very appreciable serenity. "Thanks to the automating of the application of the spacer, we gain in productivity, precision and working comfort. Easier and more rigorous, this implementation strengthens our flow management and responsiveness, while guaranteeing products with high added value”, emphasizes Jean-Gabriel Creton. A pioneer in metal-free warm edge spacer systems, Super Spacer®, with proven thermal insulation properties and durability, nurtures its difference with flexibility. A product with high potential.

Euradif develops collections of entrance doors and decorative, fluid and minimalist panels with ultra-contemporary designs. The designer-manufacturer offers a complete high-end range, where several thousand product references and new models of entrance doors meet all architectural styles and expectations each year.

Euradif supports high-tech carpentry manufacturers who can develop original designs in record time. To meet their creativity and technical requirements, the manufacturer surrounds itself with the best partners, such as Edgetech for its Super Spacer®; the company in the North has long appreciated the flexibility and unique advantages of these dividers in terms of productivity

About Edgetech Europe GmbH

Edgetech’s Super Spacer® flexible foam-based spacer systems acts as energy-efficient warm edge spacers in insulating glass windows. They significantly reduce energy loss to the outside, largely prevent condensation and also contribute to the lifetime of a window. On average, worldwide, more than 300 million metres are sold annually in over 90 countries.

Edgetech Europe GmbH, located in Heinsberg Germany, is a fully-owned subsidiary of Quanex Building Products Corporation, an industry-leading manufacturer of components sold to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the building products industry. Quanex designs and produces energy-efficient fenestration products in addition to kitchen and bath cabinet components, with its head offices in Houston, Texas. Based on turnover Edgetech/Quanex is the world‘s largest manufacturer of spacers. Edgetech Europe GmbH is a sales location for the markets in continental Europe and one of the three worldwide Edgetech production plants, with a total of 450 employees and 16 extruders. You can obtain additional information about the Super Spacer® systems and the Warm Edge Technology of Edgetech here: www.superspacer.com.



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