Features & Benefits

Edgetech Super Spacer® - Warm Edge Technology with Flexibility Plus.

Modern spacers for thermal separation of insulating glass and frames are the crucial element in energy efficient windows and facade systems, because, without minimizing of heat loss by edge seals, passive houses in particular would not be conceivable. Warm edges are acquiring ever greater importance and are placing the focus on architects, builders and glass processors who think in terms of sustainably and economic value. In particular the nature and structure of the materials used needs to be evaluated during selection of a suitable system, because they substantially determine the thermal insulation properties, operability and workability.

Super Spacer®, a flexible silicone foam spacer, provides optimum thermal insulation of the edge seal for insulating glass units.

The spacer system that is flexible in all matters
1. Smooth, matt surface without bubbling
2. Flexible foam matrix
3. Proprietary vapour barrier
4. Acrylic structural adhesive

Edgetech Super Spacer® is the world's first spacer system made of flexible structural foam with integrated desiccant. In comparison to conventional aluminium spacer bars, the non-metallic material is impressive with a 1500 time lower heat conductivity. The glass retains a uniform temperature across the entire surface and the dew point is lowered, which reduces the condensation in the edge area by up to 70 % in comparison to insulating glass windows without spacers. The flexible foam matrix of the Super Spacer® is exceptionally breathable. Therefore, the high desiccant content absorbs moisture rapidly. The combination of the multilayer vapour barrier in the spacer with the outer sealant, seals against moisture from the outside and gas loss from the inside.

Standards, certificates and quality checks
Super Spacer® has been tested and complies with the following standards and directives:

  • EN 1279
  • USA ASTM E2188 / E2189 / E2190; ASTM E2188 / E2189 / E2190; NFRC Labelling
  • Canada CGSB 12.8 M-90
  • China GB 11944 – 1989
  • Norway - NBI Test
  • France Standard CSTB for CEKAL Avis Technique

Passive House Standard (Super Spacer® Premium, Super Spacer® TriSeal™ / T-Spacer™ Premium, Super Spacer® TriSeal™ / T-Spacer™ Premium Plus).